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Welcome to HEDi. If you’re here it means you’re already familiar with our products, but you might not be familiar with our pledge. At HEDi we design backpacks built to carry souvenir patches so you can take life’s milestones and memories with you. All we ask in return is that you make a pledge to stay curious, live a big life, and get out there to have a look.

Here at HEDi we will do everything in our power to solve your customer service issues. We believe winning your business should be an on-going endeavor, and we’re committed to doing everything it takes to not let you down. You’ll find us to be open to suggestions, and always willing to listen. And if things do go wrong, it shouldn’t surprise you that your favorite backpack company will have your back.

If you have any questions about HEDi brand products please let us know.

We will see you on the trail of life!


Bret Hedican


Customer Care

A division of HEDi PACK LLC

497 Edison Ct

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Fairfield CA 94534

Email us: customerservice@hedigear.com